Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Full Explosion

So today marks another day that I have to tell the kitties, that the floor is not lava. They thing they are only to walk on the tables and furniture, Which causes a lot of strife with us humans. I know, I know its their world we are only tolerated.

Well today I have been sick. I was in bed most of the day which has set me back pretty well. I was expecting to have 3 chapters done today but alas I only got two done.

Also trying to get dinner cooked and lo and behold I forgot to stuff the freaking chicken! So I had to do operation stuff the bird while it was in the pan cooking. UGh..and now I hear crash, bang, booms from the pet room. I am so done with today I think I will let David handle it when he gets home.

I'm trying my best not to crawl back in bed and say enough. But I can't! I will succeed. Now I must go a bigger crash just happened.

Cats are like kids-they get into EVERYTHING!

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